Crew Entries (PCRC Members Only)


Crew entries for PCRC crews wishing to attend an event

Please complete the form below – a separate form must be completed for each crew entered.

All senior entries must be completed using this online system. The Entries Secretary will only accept Junior entries through their coaches.
As a general rule, most events specify a limit of two entries per person.
Please make sure that all the crew have a valid racing licence before the entry is placed and that it/they will be valid  on the  event date.
Any changes to the crew or boat must be notified to the Entries Secretary as soon as possible so that BROE can be amended. Changes on the day must be given to the host club before racing.


The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer.  The account details for payment is as follows:

PCRC Captains Account
Sort Code: 20-67-37
Account number: 00025992

Cheques or cash must be placed in the black box adjacent to the notice board in the clubhouse.

Payment MUST be made when the entry is placed.

Where a crew withdraws before the host club closes their entries, they will be refunded their entry and trailer fee.   The club reserves the right to withdraw any entries, which remain unpaid by the entry closing date.

After the closing date, the crew is still liable for their entry fee if they pull out of the competition or their race does not go ahead.  Only in very exceptional cases i.e. if the race does not go ahead due to weather conditions, will a host club give a total or partial refund.

Each member of the crew must pay a trailer fee, which goes towards the payment of fuel and upkeep of the truck and trailers.

Senior trailer fees are £3 per boat used.

Junior trailer fees are £2 per event.

Each crew must specify the name of the boat they would like to use at the event on the entry form.  The host club generally specifies that a boat cannot be used more than twice at a regatta.  If the race is by division, the crews must ensure that it is possible to get the boat back to the start line if it is being used in back to back races.

Some boats are more popular than others. Where agreement for boat usage cannot be reached amicably,  it will be referred to the relevant Captains and/or coaches.  Their decision will be final.


Trailer plans and crew lists will be posted on the notice board ahead of the event together with loading details.

Loading will be under the supervision of a named loadmaster and their decision is final.

Further information is available by emailing Entries Secretary, Mandy Walters