Peterborough Junior Championships 2021

Event Date: Saturday 26th June 2021 - Sunday 27th June 2021

Back in a new format for 2021

In a time when things are so different for everyone we recognize the need to cater for our younger aspiring athletes as well as our older ones and have been working closely with colleagues to try and make sure that all ages are catered for throughout the competition spectrum.

Our new format is designed to maximise the number of competitors we can accommodate throughout the competition whilst maintaining Covid Security.

The revised race format will be bringing you exciting side by side 4 lane, 1000m racing spread over two days of competition whereby most will get two side by side races.

Different events/age categories will be raced on different days; this is to minimise the need for all competitors to be on site for the duration of the competition, the new format, split over two days will mean that competitors only need attend one day to race.

Each day will split into two divisions, whereby doubling up is allowed between divisions (at competitors own risk) but not in a single division; this means that race timetabling should be more rigid than in previous years too.

Generally, each division will start off with 4 lane stakeboat start time-trials for each event with crews being seeded into AB etc. finals, larger entry events are likely to be further broken down into a Championship & a Plate event whereby the fastest crews from the entire time-trial race in the Championship AB etc. finals with the remaining crews going into the Plate event and racing those AB etc. finals in their respective seeded positions. Gold, silver & bronze medals for both the Championship & Plate A finals will be awarded to recognize achievement .

One very major underpinning key to the success of this event is that we must discourage spectators, that means, in order to allow these young athletes to compete we are asking you to actively promote this amongst your parents and be strong in asking them not to attend wherever possible.

We look forward to welcoming you back to PCRC, entries will open on BROE at 10:00 on Friday 11th June 2021.

Everyone attending must complete our Test and Trace form available here: https://forms.gle/ttyiDeDLgXRWf3ep9

Please see the Notice of Competition for further details & good luck to all competitors.

We will also be pushing updates through our Twitter and Facebook channels.


Documents Available to Download

PCRC 2021 Junior Championships – Poster (Notice of Competition)

PCRC 2021 Junior Champs – General Safety Instructions v1.1

PCRC 2021 Junior Champs – COVID Self-Declaration


PCRC 2021 Junior Championships (Sat) – Timetable of Racing

PCRC 2021 Junior Championships (Sat) – Draw by Event

PCRC 2021 Junior Championships (Sun) – Timetable of Racing

PCRC 2021 Junior Championships (Sun) – Draw by Event


Draw / Results

An interactive version of the draw and real-time results on the day are available from www.raceleader.co.uk/PetChamps21

PCRC 2021 Junior Championships (Sat) – Results

PCRC 2021 Junior Championships (Sun) – Results

Victor Ludorum:
  1. Windsor Boys School = 67pts
  2. Nottingham and Union Rowing Club = 50pts
  3. Sir William Perkins’s School = 45pts