A Safe Return to Rowing – Update 01 December 2020

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Following recent Government announcements and the updating of British Rowing guidance, the club will be re-opening from Wednesday 02 December.

Based on advice currently available the club can operate on the same basis as it was before this second national lockdown and so you can now make bookings for rowing and outdoor ergo training just as before.

However, there are 3 important differences

  1. Under Government guidance those people who live in a Tier 3 area arerequested to ‘avoid travelling to other parts of the UK’, it is deemed that this includes travelling into a Tier 2 area. Cambridgeshire is a Tier 2 area. The whole of Lincolnshire is currently in Tier 3 so sadly any member who lives in a Tier 3 area is asked not to come to the club. Bookings will not be accepted from members living in a Tier 3 area.
  2. Membership fees must be paid. Subscriptions were due on 1stOctober and as in other years we expect members to have paid by the end of October. It is a condition of booking that your membership fees must have been paid.
  3. Crew groups should be re-confirmed to the captains and agreed prior to any booking being accepted.

On the matter of the gym re-opening, I am pleased to say that the club is going through the latter stages of a Sport England grant application to help pay for the new ventilation system. This grant is very valuable to the club in view of the lost income from regattas last summer and allows us to upgrade the gym so that it can operate in a Covid secure manner. We are in the final stages of the approval process and if confirmed the aim will be to get the ventilation contractors started as soon as possible.

When the club re-opens, I must remind you that it is vital that everyone follows the club’s detailed rules and guidance which are available here. If you are in any doubt about these please re-read them before you start rowing again.

Finally, we all need to remember that the circumstances around Covid 19 can change rapidly and how we can operate the club may change at short notice. The aim is to keep the club facilities open as much as we reasonably can but it is not within our control.

John Canton


01 December 2020