A Safe Return to Rowing – Update 05 August 2020

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Issued 05 August 2020

Following an update to guidance for phasing a safe return to rowing from British Rowing which was announced last week, the Trustees together with the CRSA, Chair of the Rowing Committee and the Captains (the Panel) have updated the guidance for PCRC.

This can be downloaded here

Whilst this revised guidance from the Panel sets out how additional crew rowing may be enjoyed in a phased return over the coming weeks it is important to make note that this is not without an element of risk both to our members but also to those that we all come into contact with. COVID-19 is still very much alive in the community and as such I cannot stress enough the importance of social distancing and exceptionally high hygiene standards, not only when at the club but throughout daily life.

The Trustees and Panel members have discussed the opening of the gym and at this stage there is much investigatory work needed to plan for the gym re-opening. It is appreciated that some members may feel it appropriate to re-open the gym but until a coherent fully risk assessed plan including a management plan is in place the gym will remain closed.

Providing that we all follow this guidance the Trustees believe that this revised framework puts our members at the least possible risk whilst accessing rowing at PCRC.

Guidance is changing on an almost daily basis and the Panel will attempt to keep abreast of such changes so these guidelines/procedures will change from time to time. In the meantime if you do have any questions please email Tracey Rushton-Thorpe and they will be addressed by the Panel.

Finally, I am sure you all appreciate the ongoing work that the Panel and other volunteers continue to do in order to make rowing possible at PCRC during these times, please do stick to these revised measures, work with your fellow members and please do not attempt to circumvent any of the procedures in place.

If we continue to follow the guidance we shall all be as safe as we possibly can.

John Canton