A safe Return to Rowing – Update 28 September

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I have been asked by the Panel to write and remind each and every one of us of our individual and collective responsibilities during these times and remind everyone to keep checking the guidance on our website for any updates and indeed to remind ourselves of how we should be operating.

With our own guidance in place and by following that of British Rowing we are in the privileged position that we can continue to enjoy rowing at PCRC, but, only if we are diligent and all follow the guidance.

We have successfully carried out a trial of limited changing room use over the last week, this was carried out with some junior members and was successful; it was successful because the rules were followed.

I am pleased to say that at this stage we are now prepared to widen the use of the changing rooms to anyone who can demonstrate the need to use them. Government guidance is very clear on this, changing rooms should only be used in extreme cases, this means that everyone should still arrive and leave in their rowing kit wherever possible. Where individuals can successfully demonstrate that there is a need for using the changing rooms, they may be granted permission by the captains, this permission will only be to change upon arrival at the club, not after a session unless there is a health, safety or safeguarding issue.

Likely scenarios for being able to use the changing rooms are perhaps those members that live a distance away from the club whereby it would be impractical to leave work or school, go home to change and then make their way to the club. I must reiterate that changing room use is by exception and not by want.

Other reminders which the panel have asked me to mention are hand hygiene and rowing as a complete crew.

It has been noticed that many people are arriving at the club and not washing their hands as requested in the guidance, it is noted that some are very diligent in doing this but without us all doing this then we run the serious risk of potential cross contamination, that puts not only all of us at further risk but all of our families and loved ones too.

The last reminder from the panel is about crew rowing, we clearly state that a whole crew should row, not just bow pair for example, this is simply to maximise the spacing between individuals whilst on the water, again, it has been noted that several crews are not adhering to this, please do so.

Finally, there may be revised guidance coming out this week, please do check the website for updates and please do follow the guidance and heed the reminders above, if we do this we will all stay as safe as we can during these times.

John Canton


28 September 2020