Closure of PCRC – Update 06 January 2021

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I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and there are reasons for optimism for 2021 but we are going to have to be patient in the short term.

The Panel met again last weekend to consider the current situation with regard to the club and after careful deliberation came to the conclusion that with infection rates out of control it was not safe to re-open the club. Subsequently the Government has announced the 3rd national lockdown and it is quite clear that all sports clubs have to close whether they like it or not. This has been reinforced by new British Rowing guidance.

As before, individual exercise outdoors is permitted once per day and, subject to the Environment Agency’s policy on use of the river, it is theoretically possible for members, who have their own boats stored away from the club, to row on the river, boating without the use of club facilities. However we do not recommend this due to the risks to an individual potentially getting into difficulty in cold water probably some distance away from any help. The emergency services have enough on their plate at the moment. However if anyone wishes to remove any personal belongings from the club they can do so by contacting Steve Casey by email

I expect that some of you will be concerned about the fact that you have paid a membership subscription but since 01 October have not been able to use the club facilities as much as you had expected. I can tell you that the Trustees are mindful of this concern and will keep the matter under review. We hope, however, that it is recognised that the club has certain running costs which it incurs whether closed or open – membership subscriptions are currently the only source of income with which to meet these costs.

I can give you one piece of positive news in that the new ventilation system for the gym has been completed and tested. This means that once the Covid situation improves sufficiently to allow the gym to be opened we will be in a position to do so, albeit on a more restricted basis than previously.

Stay safe and keep fit as best you can – with a bit of luck the summer will see competitions returning in some form.

John Canton, Chairman