Closure of PCRC – Update 23 December 2020

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Following my message to you on 19 December informing you that in the light of Peterborough being moved to Tier 4 the Panel had concluded that the club must close immediately, the Panel has had a further meeting to review the situation now that some more guidance has been made available.

The national picture with the rapid increase in infections attributed to the new variant of COVID-19 is very concerning and the situation is developing very rapidly. Having considered both the available guidance, which indicates that individual outdoor training for members who live in the Peterborough City Council area is possible, and also the increased risk to members from this new variant of the virus, the Panel has regrettably concluded that the club must remained closed for the time being.

This has been a difficult decision and it has not been taken lightly. However the situation with COVID-19 is changing so rapidly at the moment we believe that it is not safe to re-open the club at present.

The Panel will keep the situation under constant review because we do recognise the value to members’ personal fitness from being able to row and we do want to re-open the club when it is safe to do so.

In the meantime I want to wish you all a very happy Christmas despite the fact that it will be a distinctly different one for all of us. We must make the best of it.

John Canton, Chairman

23 December 2020