Coronavirus update – Loan of Club Ergos

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Issued: 25 March 2020

Since the announcement on Friday evening that all activity at PCRC, Thorpe Meadows should cease on a temporary basis with immediate effect, we (the Trustees and Coaches) have had a number of requests from Club members regarding the loan of an ergo from the Club.

The Trustees, together with Peter Forrest, Chair of the Rowing Committee, have discussed this matter and whilst we do acknowledge that the ergos are not currently being used and that this is a frustration to Club members, we have concluded that there is no fair or reasonable way to allocate ergos to our 250+ members during this period.

In addition, given the increased level of restriction on movement which was announced by the Prime Minister on Monday evening, allowing club members to come to the Club to collect an ergo would be in direct contravention of the guidance which has been issued by the Government.

Regrettably we will therefore not be offering Club ergos on loan to members. We would also ask that you respect the fact that all of our coaches are volunteers who are also dealing with this period of uncertainty so please don’t continue to make requests for the loan of an ergo from them.

Peterborough City Rowing Club Trustees

25 March 2020