HIRR Trials and Henley Masters Regatta


By Sarah Watson

Peterborough scullers Harriet Drake-Lee and Ellie Cooke qualified to race at the Home International Rowing regatta where they will be representing England. Their time trial took place on Sunday over a 1500 metre course at the London Docklands. Out of the 9 crews in their field, they won the women’s doubles event by 9.8 seconds, followed by Nottingham Rowing club in second position. The Home International regatta is a historic annual competition which sees the four “Home Nations” of England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland compete and will take place on Saturday 23rd July.

There were also a few crews from Peterborough racing at the Henley Masters Regatta at the weekend, which took place on Friday and Saturday over 1000 metres on the famous Henley reach.

Ian Palmer joined Dave Smith from Leicester rowing club to win the Masters C doubles event against another composite crew. In their qualifying round they had a nail biting race against Putney town rowing club where they won by just 3 ft. In their semi final they won by 1 1/4 lengths against Abingdon rowing club then they beat an Abingdon-Warwick composite double in the final by just a boat canvas.

Kate Read raced in the Women’s Masters B singles event, winning her semi final by 2 1/2 lengths ahead of Putney Town Rowing club, but then unfortunately lost out by just 1/2 length behind Henley rowing club.

The Masters E eight of Steve Tuck, Rob Dennis, Jim Bichard, Graham Barks, John Mackay (Reading), Jaish Mahan, Jack Ward, Keith Blackman and cox Ericha Knowles-Pardoe beat Nottingham Rowing club in their qualifying round by an impressive lead of 2 lengths. They later raced a French crew in the semi-finals however lost out by just a boat length.

Keely Watson joined Christchurch rowing club to race in the Women’s Masters E quads event. They won the qualifying round by 2 lengths ahead of the Tideway scullers school however they lost out in the semi final by 1 3/4 lengths.