Peterborough Head of the Nene

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By Emilia Bramwell 

It was a successful Saturday for Peterborough City Rowing Club as 30 different crews competed in strong head wind conditions down either a 2600m course or a 5000m course. Peterborough crews brought home a total of 7 wins, 6 second places and 5 third places against a wide range of competitive crews with some attending from as far away as York and Liverpool. 

5 Peterborough athletes excelled in their respective events this Saturday by winning all their events and taking a pot home in each hand.  Peterborough seniors, Josh Seagrave, Chris Elder, James Marshall and Kristian Woolf teamed together on the 5000m course to win the Open 4- race ahead of the second-place crew by a smashing 1minute and 16 seconds and completing the course in a speedy 19 minutes and 47 seconds. Josh Seagrave and Chris Elder then doubled up on the 2600m course to dominate their competition in their open 2-, winning by a significant 17 seconds. James Marshall and Kristian Woolf went on to win on the 2600m course in their open 4+ alongside Will Kerry and Dean Gosling. Peterborough junior, Anouk Bosma excelled in both her races. Bosma teamed up with Emma Dennis to dominate the women’s J16 2x, winning by 1 minute and 27 seconds. Finally, Anouk went on to win the women’s J16 4x- alongside Evelina Xanthopolou, Florence lillywhite and Jasmin Chesher. 

City crews secured a total of 7 wins over the two courses on Saturday. City Juniors, Anouk Bosma, Evelina Xanthopolou, Florence Lillywhite, Jasmin Chesher competed and won their women’s J16 4x-. Anouk Bosma and Emma Dennis later went on to win their women’s J16 2x.City seniors, Josh Seagrave, James Marshall, Kristian Woolf and Chris Elder smashed their competition in the open 4- with Josh Seagrave and Chris Elder later going on to win their open 2-. James marshall, Will Kerry, Kristian Woolf and Dean Gosling won in their open 4+.  In their womens MasC 2x, Kate Read and Linda Dennis  left the competition behind with an amazing 35 second win.  Ian Palmer won his open MasD/E/F 1x by an impressive 13.7 seconds. 

City crews brought home 6 second places in total on Saturday. City Juniors, Billy Hynes, Leo Esposito, Lewis Barber and Roland Christopher took home second place in their J15 4x+. Emma Calver, Emma Dennis, Wiktoria Szubzda and Erin Ansell-Crook competed on the 5000m course in the womens J18 4x-. City seniors, Sarah Watson and Anna Rowbotham gained second place in the womens 2x and then later went on to join Keely Watson and Bianca Manganiello to gain second in the womens 4+. Paul Scutts and Roger Carlisle came second in their open Mas 2x and finally Helen Wallace and Carol Maly ( Hook) placed second in their womens Mas 2x. 

Finally city crews gained 5 third places in total on Saturday. City juniors, Sophie Bicknell, Olivia Agyapong, Emilia Bramwell and Lotties Tasker came third in the womens 4+. Emma Calver placed third in her womens J18 1x. City seniors, Claire Widdowson and Bianca Manganiello came third in their womens MasA 2x and Emma Coxall and Susan Genever-jones also placed third in their womens MasD 2x. Finally, Al Ryder came third in his open MasD/E/F 1x.