Revisions to PCRC COVID Guidance from 19th July

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The club’s Covid Panel has reviewed how the club can operate from 19th July bearing in mind the Government’s announcement that all legal restrictions relating to Covid will end but that everyone should continue to take appropriate precautions particularly indoors.

The situation is complicated by a lack of clear Government guidance so far and by the dramatic increases in infections in the country. Even though many members have been vaccinated the rising infection rates mean that risk to health is increasing. The vaccines are not 100% effective and the virus is not going away.

At this stage we have concluded that we can relax some of our rules relating to activity outdoors but that we should await proper guidance regarding indoor activities. As and when this is available we will look at how we can safely return to normal in the gym and the clubroom.

The club’s detailed Covid Guidance will be revised and re-issued shortly but in the meantime I can tell you that with effect from Monday 19th the following relaxations to the rules will come into effect:

  1. There will be no limits on how many people can book to row at any particular time.
  2. Crew bubbles will no longer apply so you can row with whoever you wish to.
  3. The wearing of face coverings for rowers outdoors will be voluntary but they will be required when going indoors to toilets, changing rooms and the gym.
  4. The changing rooms may be used (including for access to lockers and for leaving of clothes etc) but subject to the limit of 5 people in each changing room at any one time, controlled by the tag system. However we ask that you only use them if really necessary.

These are significant relaxations but I do want to emphasise that all other Covid protocols remain in place for the time being. For example, you still need to:

  • Use the booking system (this will tell you whether the boat you want is available).
  • Carry out the existing boat and blade cleaning procedures.
  • Coxes in stern-coxed boats must continue to wear a face covering and visor when in the boat (the risk of transmission for stern-positioned coxes remains very high).

Looking ahead, we feel that we can gradually increase the number of members who have access to the club and allow rowing activity at additional times than at present. If anyone is keen to train at times which are not currently available please speak to me, Pete Forrest, Hayley Shipton or Chris Elder.

John Canton


16 July 2021