Safety Update – rowing on the river

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Guidance Notes for Rowing on the River Nene – January 2019

In accordance with the constitution of PCRC the club adopts the policies and recommendations of its national governing body – British Rowing. The following are therefore additional guidelines specific to PCRC and should be read in conjunction with Row Safe: A Guide to Good Practice in Rowing, which can be downloaded here.

Following a recent collision incident on the river Nene involving experienced club crews – fortunately without any personal injuries, the Rowing Committee have decided that the following additional safety measures need to be introduced in order to reduce the likelihood of any further such incidents occurring.

We wish to immediately reduce the risk of head-on collisions involving members of the club by:

  • ensuring that all coxes and steers take extra care when passing through the Fitzwilliam Bridge on the river – in particular by observing the correct navigation rules and by taking proper care to look ahead, which will be facilitated by:
  • restricting the speed of boats when passing through the Fitzwilliam Bridge on the river – in both directions – to no more than half-pressure

The only exception to the last point above would be where a properly marshalled event is being run by the club on the river – during which marshals would be in place in the vicinity of the Fitzwilliam Bridge to assist with the safe passage of crews (who would normally all be travelling in the same direction at any one time) – such as the following:

  • Head of The Nene events
  • PCRC Club Head events

Everyone involved in rowing has a duty of care to ensure their actions both on and off the water are conducted in a manner which does not compromise the safety of others. To this end should an incident occur then anyone should seek to render assistance to others if it is safe to do so.

These Guidance Notes are intended to ensure that everyone remains safe when afloat. We recognise that it can be frustrating to have any form of restrictions imposed but the Club has a duty of care and a responsibility to operate safely and this includes restricting rowing activities in situations which could pose an excessive risk to athletes, coxes, coaches, launch drivers, club officers or the general public at large as well as the club as an organisation.

The PCRC Rowing Committee